The commission process starts with a discussion between artist and client to determine the extent of the project. Through discussion and exchange of ideas Troy will then create a maquette of clay, which is a model of the proposed final piece.

At this point all parties discuss any changes that need to be made. Once the maquette is to the satisfaction of artist and client, work begins on the final sculpture in the requested medium, typically wood or bronze. See examples below.

The final model may be an enlargement of the maquette, or just a refinement of the original maquette to create a finished maquette in clay. If casting in bronze, a mold is made from the finished model which is then used for the casting process. The final piece may also be carved in wood using the finished maquette as the model.

Through this process of dialogue between artist and client, the vision of both can be realized. If you would like to discuss the commission a sculpture, please contact Troy directly.


Smaller clay pieces are examples of maquettes. A maquette is a kind of three-dimensional "sketch" usually created by the sculptor to give the patron an idea of what the finished, full-sized sculpture will look like, and as the model from which the final, enlarged piece is created. The maquette can also be used to create the sculpture in a different media such wood or it can be cast directly into bronze as is shown in the following examples:

Clay to Wood:
Clay to Bronze:

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